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Lisa Scott

Lisa Scott

Lisa is an Accredited Financial Investigator for the Investigation and Enforcement Services at the Insolvency Service.

Lisa joined Criminal Enforcement in 2008, after serving 22 years with the Royal Air Force (RAF). She first joined the RAF as a chef but retrained after 4 years to RAF Police and spent 18 years as a 'Snowdrop'.

She became an Accredited Financial Investigator in 2015, confiscating assets at the conclusion of successful criminal prosecutions under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

Lisa's favourite hobby is following Formula 1 where she enjoys the atmosphere on race day. She's attended races in Belgium, Silverstone and Melbourne and would love to take in every race in the F1 calendar - but admits this would take a lottery win and a career break to achieve!

Her church is also a big part of her spare time, but not that she has much spare time. Acting as her church's treasurer and sound desk operator, she manages to fit in her commitments to the food bank and her full-time job.